Thursday, October 22, 2015

So Many Depressing Things I Can't Even Summarize Them (October 22, 2015)

I got out of the habit of posting these. Mea culpa. I am working on a story I've been serializing here and also obsessing over Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Gamache novels. I probably won't be back to regular schedule until I finish Cricket Boy, and I don't know how much longer it will need. I've already overshot my original estimate by a lot.

Here are the backlog of great things I've read:

  • Banking. An exploration of how banksters managed to stay out of prison, also known as friends in high places [Atlantic]
  • Banking. From inside the banking crisis of 2008, it felt worse to the bankers involved but they've already discarded whatever little they might have learned [Guardian]
  • A hospital is considered revolutionary because it is trying to figure out what its costs really are [NYT]
  • A deep dive into Uber, Taxi 2.0 which some love and others love to hate [Fast Company]
  • Department of Rants. I do love a good rant. This one is about how a little money and a crazy idea created the war on terror that has lasted 14 years, so far [The Nation]
  • The documents and terrifying story behind an angry man, his bunker, and the race to save his 5-year-old hostage [WSJ]
  • Traveling has become so fee-ridden that travelers are now glad to pay for bundles; don't forget all of this used to be included in the ticket price, sigh [NYT]
  • A review of a new book on spymaster Allan Dulles, known as "the Shark," and a mentor to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld [Mother Jones]
  • Luxury shelters for wealthy end-of-the-worlders [VICE]
  • Some of the documents behind the drone/assassination program that the US has going [The Intercept]
  • More details on the 'secret' police interrogation center that Chicago police operated for thousands of 'visitors' [Guardian]
There's a lot more, but this post is quite long. Enjoy!

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