Friday, August 14, 2015

There's An Online Course on Thinking and It's Great (August 14, 2015)

Two things:

I'm halfway through auditing a course on EdX called Think101, The Science of Everyday Thinking. It features some concepts I'm familiar with, like the work of Daniel Kahneman on how we think, but it brings in scholars I've never heard of before. I'm learning new things about how the mind works and how to retain the information I take in. If this area is in any way interest, I recommend taking a gander. The videos are well produced (much better than other courses I've audited) and the presenters have been really engaging. (Of course, it's so slick I may not actually remember much, which is one of the topics of the course. It's up to me to use / remember the stuff I've been learning.)

I've restarted the fantasy naval adventure I've been sketching out. I'll be posting a different chapter 1 and several additional chapters on Monday (and hopefully every Monday after that until I've got the whole book completed). Look for it on my website. I'll also be posting it on WattPad and the WriteOn service that Amazon has going.

Some other interesting things you might enjoy:
  • Video: Jon Stewart went on a CNN program called Crossfire, questioned the hosts about their partisan hackery, and eventually got it cancelled [YouTube]
  • An interview with the writer Sara Paretsky, on self-doubt among many other topic [Guardian]
  • A 2011 article on learning from failure, which isn't as easy as it sounds [HBR]
  • How Major League Baseball had to figure out streaming video before anyone else -- and they're still at the top of their game, now partnering with HBO and others [The Verge]
  • Simplicity Files: Your financial plan should probably fit on an index card [Motley Fool]
  • How Putin wins wars: wait until the media stops screaming and then do whatever he wants [Daily Beast]

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