Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Life on a Sub, A Fifty-Year-Old Murder Mystery, and Some Case Studies on Hubris (July 14, 2015)

I've not been reading much as I finished up a new novel. (Details will be up later today after I get all the links together.)

I'm back to serializing my fantasy naval adventure called Cricket Boy. New chapters will appear on this website until the story is done (then I'll make it available as an eBook).

Here are a few articles of interest:
  • Fascinating Q&A with a submarine officer [Jalopnik]
  • A little bragging and a little writing advice from the New Yorker's John McPhee: not everyone who reads what you write will get your labored name dropping and other cultural references, beware [New Yorker]
  • Never Noticed This Before: 'Weird' news used to be a niche, but now it is the news [Pacific Standard]
  • From the Annals of Bad Ideas: How you shouldn't try to secure water [Nautilus]
  • Makes Too Much Sense, Can't Be True =): Schools learn that talking to troubled kids, rather than slapping them with a discipline plan, seems to calm them down [Mother Jones]
  • A U.N. Secretary-General was killed 50 years ago. The plan for a report to settle conspiracy theories...just raises more questions. [Daily Beast]
  • Department of Unintended Consequences (?): CEOs have learned that share buy backs mesh nicely with their compensation plans, give a little back and get rich [Bloomberg]
  • Uber goes to Portland. Is this the most obnoxious company I've ever heard of? [Bloomberg]
  • Follow The Leader: How frustration in the 1990s has made the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation change how it spent its money and became the wealthiest medical research foundation, everyone else is piling in now [Bloomberg]

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