Friday, July 31, 2015

Happiness, Utopias, Cheating, and Top Secret Mapmaking (July 31, 2015)

I'm getting back to my fantasy naval adventure Cricket Boy, which I will serialize on this site for anyone who wants to read it. Steven Pressfield's Do The Work has been massively helpful in getting me into the right frame of mind. If you do anything creative for work or as a hobby, I recommend it.

Here are some other excellent things to read:
  • Fascinating long piece on complexity in the music industry [NPR]
  • Two about Daniel Kahneman, the man who asked good questions about how we think [] [Guardian]
  • Video: Louis C.K. on complainers in this amazing time [YouTube]
  • A useful exercise: asking people to summarize their philosophy (here, financial) into 10 words or less [Motley Fool]
  • Stop trying to be creative and happy, you're making yourself uncreative and unhappy [LinkedIn] [538]
  • Two takes on creating a Utopia [Slate] [Atlas Obscura]
  • The saddest story on food I've read in a while: we can make better tomatoes, but grocery stores know consumers will buy the flavorless ones without complaint [Slate]
  • A former Wall Streeter muses on how to fix the cheating culture in financial firms [Atlantic]
  • The story of the Russian effort during the Cold War to map the world: at a scale that would allow it to figure out where to put the tanks when the invasions began [Wired]
  • An infographic on the history of house styles in the US [Mental Floss]
  • The U.S. Civil War as seen from a British diplomat of the time [Daily Beast]
  • Website: Some of the nicer things happening around the world, all with carefully designed headlines to make you click [Upworthy]

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