Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unexpected Travelogues, Pirates, and Regrets from the Bench (June 30, 2015)

If you haven't read Neil Gaiman's American Gods, take a peek. It's amazing and supposedly being made into a television series.

If you like to read about the ocean, pick up Robert Kurson's Shadow Divers. I haven't read a more engaging piece of non-fiction in a long time. It's about the daring-do of 1990s deep-water wreck divers and the submarine culture of U-boats from WWII. Amazing.

Some more good things:
  • Health Rip-Offs: The story of a $100,000 (WTF?) cure for Hepatitis C [Bloomberg]
  • A sex columnist becomes a private investigator, yes, it's real, not just the plot of a buddy comedy [Daily Beast]
  • The case for traveling the world, alone, to become a better problem solver [HBR]
  • Finance: We kept the banksters alive in 2008, now they're trying to dip back into the same pool for a deeper drink [Washington Post]
  • One of the federal judges handing down mandatory drug sentences opines [Washington Post]
  • Almost a thousand days as a hostage to Somali pirates [Guardian]
  • Health Rip-Offs: Hospitals apply excessive charges to the uninsured, big surprise [Washington Post]
  • Rubbing At A Sore Spot: Belgium commemorates Napoleon's fall at Waterloo, France gets angry [NYTimes]
  • Finance: Iceland let their banks go bankrupt and put their banksters in prison, we did what? [Vox]
  • A collection of stories about different jobs in film/TV: Jeopardy question writer, Oscar seat filler, movie second unit director, and much more [AV Club]
  • From Robert Kurson (mentioned above): 7 Things You Didn't Know About Pirates [Observer]
  • What happens to stolen art? [Bloomberg]
  • Another Travelogue: The gross side of taking a train in China [Serious Eats]
  • A long piece on TPP, trade, and the economist David Ricardo [Fortune]
  • A sad piece on the narcissism of the wealthy, aka Rich People Are Jerks  [Vox]

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