Friday, June 5, 2015

Good Summer Reads and Some "Shame on Yous" (June 5, 2015)

I'm in a mood for adventure books lately and I found a list that has given me some good ones I've never tried: The HiLoBrow Adventure List.

I do see some missing entries: nothing by Ian Fleming (Casino Royale is a good read) and only one from C.S. Forester. (Horatio Hornblower and the Atropos is a excellent piece of naval adventure.)

I wonder what would go on the list if it continued past the early 1980s? I may have to make my own list one of these days.

Here are some things that make me grumpy today:
  • Shame on the American Red Cross (ProPublica)
  • Shame on FIFA: "These were successful thieves, but not sophisticated ones." (Grantland)
  • Shame on the media, save for one freelancer, for ignoring FIFA for so long (Washington Post)
  • Shame on the scary, scarier, and scariest intelligence agencies we keep building (Gawker)
  • Shame on executive compensation consultants -- and all of us for letting this pass (Bloomberg)
Here are a few happier things to read:
  •  Now we look to comedians to explain our culture to us -- and our world (Atlantic)
  • A hand-written remark on a letter versus a hand-written sticky note: I was surprised which one gets more attention (HBR)
  • Q&A with economist Richard Thaler: how he helped create the 'undiscipline' of behavioral economics (BloombergView)

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