Friday, May 29, 2015

Matt Taibbi Can Really Write and Some Other Great Things (May 29, 2015)

Here are a few things you might enjoy:
  • Climate Change #1: Fascinating lessons from Australia on long periods of drought (Gizmodo)
  • Climate Change #2: We are already getting some 'minor' effects of climate change -- all of our plans for reducing greenhouse emissions by 2020 or 2050 or 2100 ignore that it's happening right now (Vox)
  • Let's Go to Hostage School: A few days as a student at a kidnapping-prevention course (Roads & Kingdoms)
  • The Science of the Bacteria in Your Gut (NY Mag)
  • Some of the most painful writing I've read on being a spouse to a cancer patient (Esquire)
  • An interesting take on Fox News; hint: it really isn't as influential as many fear (Politico)
  • The 'I'm Jealous I Didn't Write This' File: Matt Taibbi skewers convenient forgetfulness and historical revisionism better than anyone else I read (Rolling Stone)
  • Crime for Beauty and Profit: On art forgery (Bloomberg)
  • When the "we're here to help you" squad doesn't actually know or care: More on the rehab industry (Mother Jones)

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