Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sugar on the Brain and Much More (My Recs, March 31, 2015)

I've had (a) spring fever, I guess, but I'm better now. Here are some great reads whether you're healthy or not.

  • What sugar does to the brain [Quartz]
  • Government contractors have CIA-sponsored conventions to brag about how they are attempting to steal secrets, really?!? [Firstlook]
  • Trying to unravel the insane valuations behind young, hot companies [Bloomberg]
  • You've seen these before, but I do like to repost golden oldies: Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling [TwistedSifter]
  • Reminiscences about the genteel days of "we buy gold" frauds [Lapham's]
  • How Luck Works [Aeon]
  • Learned Something New Today: This Is Why You Shouldn't Abuse Betel Nuts [BBC]
  • Fascinating opinions about bullshit jobs and much more [The Guardian] 
  • Every Government Agency Can Say No; None of Them Can Just Say Yes: Why Roads, Bridges, and Everything Else Are Impossible to Fix These Days [Daily Beast]
  • Money and Politics Don't Mix, Mexico Edition [Daily Beast]
  • An eye-popping read on America's toughest prison [NYT Magazine]
  • Stanford's popular class on 'designing your life' or 'don't be evil' [Fast Company]


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