Friday, March 13, 2015

My Recs: March 13, 2015

Today is another Friday the 13th. Tomorrow is Pi Day (3 / 14 / 15). Will it be apple or cherry? I'm thinking of having a chicken pot pie. That counts, right?

  • Heroin is bad, but OxyContin is safe and non-addicting. Yes, doctors did believe that once. Here's why [Pacific Standard]
  • Every time we think our communications are secure, someone figures out how to break in. This time: your phone and your chip-and-PIN credit cards. [First Look]
  • The varied businesses operated by one Colorado prison and staffed with convicts [Pacific Standard]
  • A long piece on the East India Company, a fascinating, disturbing company that once brutally ruled major chunks of Asia [The Guardian]
  • You wouldn't think a long piece on tin cans, and the varied coating used in them, could be required reading. Wrong. Read this now. [Wired]
  • All Good Malls Go To Heaven [The Atlantic]
  • Alabama's Former Top Judge on the Ethics of Raising Funds to Run For High Office [Politico]
  • The sugar industry was smart in the 1970s. The government was threatening to issue unfavorable reports, so they sent their tame scientists to man the effort. Problem solved. [Vocativ]
  • An oldie, but a good one: In Finland, speeding ticket fines are a percentage of one's income. When a wealth executive did 25 km/hr over the limit, his ticket was $100,000 [BBC] 
  • More on the Thatcher-era coverup of child rape by politicians and the powerful [The Daily Beast]

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