Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Recs: February 22, 2015

Here's an abbreviated list. I'm pushing up hard on the last draft of a book, but I did want to get out some excellent links this week.

  • The worst idea I've seen in a while: child foster care entrusted to a for-profit company with crushing debt piled on by its previous private equity owners [BuzzFeed]
  • We apparently no longer force all the 'delicious' chemicals used in processed foods to appear on the label under their true name, good luck figuring out what's in your food [Guardian]
  • How generous: Some Lenovo laptops came pre-installed with adware that compromises Internet security [TheNextWeb]
  • How to Make Surgery Safer [Wall Street Journal]
  • An Italian bank that accepts wheels of Parmesan as collateral on loans [CNN]
  • A story on the birth of the lithium-ion battery [Quartz]
  • A PowerPoint from Scott Adams (Dilbert) against goals and passions, very interesting [Business Insider]
  • Some thoughts on the cause of addiction [Huffington Post]
  • The Egg is Back, or Why No One Knows Anything About Food [The Week]
  • The U.S. intelligence community is a huge creator of malicious software [Business Insider]
  • Tesla, creator of electric cars, now about to create battery packs for the solar-powered home [Washington Post]

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