Monday, January 26, 2015

[Offer Expired] Sign Up For My Newsletter to Get a Complimentary eBook (Until February 3rd)

Note: I still have a great newsletter you can sign up for, but the complimentary review copy offer is now over.

Want a free copy of my mystery / espionage novel Clarity Hunters? From today through February 3rd, you can have one if you sign up for my monthly newsletter.

How? Look to the sidebar on your right. There is a two question form ("your first name" and "your email address") you should fill out. You'll receive an email to verify your information. Once that's done, you'll get the instructions for your review copy, if you want one.

Here's the plot of Clarity Hunters: Hugh Brier went to what he thought was a focus group. He came away with an accurate dossier on his life and a job offer from the Merit Group, a think tank and private intelligence service. When he declines, Hugh realizes that these people think the word “no” means “try harder.”

Here's the link to Amazon if you'd like to read the early reviews. Once you finish the book, please consider leaving a review of your own.

P.S., Book #2, Clarity Kingmaker, is out now, too.