Saturday, September 20, 2014

Six Ideas That Resonate

Good advice can come from anywhere so I'm always looking. Always.

I've come to enjoy sieving through hundreds of potentials just to find one gem. Here are a couple of facets of something I just found -- advice geared toward a musician. I'm a terrible musician, really terrible, so I've never had the impulse to exchange my music for your cash. Here's a couple pieces from a longer list that sound fine for any creative.

It anchors your career. There are hitmakers and everybody else. A hit just means something ubiquitous that everybody listens to, chart numbers are unnecessary. Hits can come in a flash via inspiration, but oftentimes they require a huge amount of effort and craft.

They don’t want you to be successful, that would mean they are losers. They want to keep you down in the hole they’re in. Follow your dream, which is individual to you.
I'm not sure if I believe this 100%. However, I have met a fair number of people who are wired this way: for me to succeed means that you (and everyone else) must fail.

It's a bold statement.

I like that it makes we wonder.

Without it, you’re toast. Today’s society is all about being a member of the group. Winners in art are singular. They stand alone, they endure the bows and arrows as well as reap the adulation. If you’re not dreaming big in today’s world, you’re not dreaming at all.
True times one thousand. True in all its implications.

Keep making, errors are tolerated as long as you follow them up with more work of quality. Today the key is to be remembered, because almost everything is forgotten. Don’t overthink and overlabor your efforts. Raw and honest works today, and it forges a connection between you and your audience.
People will listen to two new substandard works and then abandon you.
Let's hope it's two. Let's hope it's not just one.

Unless you’re creating Top Forty hits, feel free to stand up to the powers that be. Too many businessmen, label people, agents and managers, are stuck in the old system. You can be dragged down by them, or stand up to them. This doesn’t mean you’ve got license to be a jerk, but standing your artistic ground is an asset. But it’s got to feel right to you, don’t be afraid to change or take input because you abhor criticism and believe everything you do is phenomenal, no one’s got that great a track record.

Amazing insights. Read the rest here.

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