Friday, June 15, 2012

[Promotion Ended] Free eBook (June 16 - 17 - 18)

[Update: Thank you to the hundreds of you who took a copy of Indiscriminate. I hope you will consider leaving a review if you enjoyed what I wrote.]

For three days, June 16 - 18, Indiscriminate: A Thriller will be a free ebook on Amazon. It's the story of a family outing that goes horribly wrong when a town's long buried secrets intrude violently into the present.

Here are the country-by-country links: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy.

(The paperback edition is available, but not on sale, or free, at this time.)

I’m making my ebook free so that more people will take a chance on a thriller they might not have heard about before. 

Please take a free copy and help me to climb the "free book" rankings. (The idea is that gaining some notice when the book is free will help the book find readers once it goes back to regular price. That's the way the best-seller lists work on Amazon for now, it seems.)

If you enjoy reading Indiscriminate, I’d appreciate your taking a moment to rate my book on Amazon. Your help is much appreciated!


  1. I just tried to order the ebook from and it still tried to bill me the full $7.61. (I live in Hungary) I had no money in the webcard account. Now I can't cancel the order. Is there a way to get the book without having to pay?. I wanted to try it for free.

    1. I live in Hungary meaning it was already past 9 AM, when I tried to order. :)

  2. Hi FireDanceKata,

    I'm sorry that happened. I guess I should have specified that June 16 began at around midnight U.S. Pacific time (where Amazon keeps its headquarters). I guess I didn't imagine that someone from Hungary would jump on the email immediately. Let the cancellation go through and try to get it for free again (it'll still be free for a few more days). I want you to have the chance to read it.