Friday, May 25, 2012

White Wolf Hunger Now Available for Purchase

My novel, White Wolf Hunger, the first in the Long Knife series, is now available for sampling and purchase.

Description: Elections rile up passions. They end with at least one candidate disappointed. Sometimes the losing candidate and his supporters exit gracefully. Sometimes they head to court to lodge a protest or gear up for the next election. Sometimes they grab a gun.

Inauguration Day, the snow-packed front stairs of the Montana Capitol. The Governor and Lt. Governor take their oaths of office before a rifle peppers the stage. Three lay dead or dying, including the newly sworn Governor. In one moment, a Native American political novice who took the oath as Lt. Governor becomes the Acting Governor. On the most dangerous day of Dian Nye's life, one-time friends lie to her for their gain and enemies push forward on their conspiracy.

The snow worsens, trapping lawmakers and lobbyists and others with less savory agendas in the Capitol. Through it all, the Acting Governor needs to begin the heavy lifting of an investigation no one else wants to touch. If she and her husband Daniel can't penetrate the mystery, the gunman trapped inside the building with them will get his second chance.

Available at Amazon: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy

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