Friday, May 25, 2012

Indiscriminate: A Thriller Now Available for Purchase

My novel Indiscriminate: A Thriller is now up and available for sampling or purchase.

Description: Philip Reisen and his wife expected their children to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities at Overlook Park. Instead, their family outing ended with their daughter Cara unconscious after the collapse of a pedestrian bridge.

Philip wanted to get the people he loved out of town (chalk it up to a bad feeling), but his family and friends dug in: his wife wanted to start her new job the following day (not that she ever told Philip she'd found one), his reporter friend aimed at the greatest story of his career, and his daughter Cara needed to remain overnight in the hospital. Hours later, a second 'accident' -- the collapse of a downtown office building -- made it clear they'd waited too long.

By that point, old colleagues had pulled Philip into the investigation where he helped unearth a hit list. Death now stalked old conspirators, the town's leading figures, who'd bought a guilty verdict for an innocent man. A man reported to have died in prison, a man Philip didn't believe was dead.

What made a town one's hometown? Family, friends, a job worth a damn, a purpose. What did it take to kill a hometown? The hottest kind of rage that no managed to stop. Philip tried to save everything he loved, a recipe for tragedy. He'll be forced to choose what's most important, but how long it takes him to make his choice would determine the rest of his life, if he had a life. Indiscriminate flames waited for no man.

Available on Amazon: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy.

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